History about MGSS, Melaka...

This school were found in 1904 by Elizabeth Emmeline Ferris Shellabear. It begins in 1904, the Shellabear's arrived at Melaka. While Mr. Shellabear did his translation work, Mrs. Shellabear went to call out from home to home. One of the objectiveswas to set up a school. Finally, she found a sympathetic local resident, Mr Tan Keong Keng , who gave two main rooms of his house for this purpose. Then Mrs Shellabear managed to gather a small group of boys & girls whom she broughtto the school each day in her gharry. Its was from these humble beginnings that we now have to complex of Methodist schools in Malacca.
Mrs Shellabear used to go from home to home to persuade parents to allow their daughters to attend school. She took a member of homeless women and children to live in her home. Mrs Shellabear had a vision of a centre where live together and be natured in Christian faith.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

About MGSS...

Smk (P) Methodist is located at Tengkera(Tengquerah), Melaka. At 2010, there are 999 students.

There were 4 block found in this school.

  • Block Shellabear
  • Block Tan Cheng Lock
  • Block Tan Keong Keng
  • Block PIPP

Address : 440 - B, Jalan Tengkera ,75200, Malacca.
Tel No : 06 - 2823606
Email : ccmgss@hotmail.com